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Social Marketing

Social Marketing is a hands-on workshop that will help you to develop targeted interventions for your own social marketing programme or campaign. You will learn the main social marketing concepts and apply them to your programme or campaign. This workshop will: ユ Provide you with a workable plan for approaching your social marketing programme or campaign ユ Outline a framework for negotiating each phase of the social marketing planning process ユ Help you appreciate the role of research in understanding audiences and their environment ユ Provide a manual with work sheets and case studies for post workshop learning

Next Scheduled Date

March 03, 2012
March 04, 2012

Schedule and General Information

Schedules, other dates and general course information.

Saturday and Sunday


10am - 5pm (Sat), 10am - 3pm (Sun)

Duration (hours):


Course Cost

175.00 15,000.00