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Peta-Ann Long

Ms. Peta-Ann Long is a graduate of the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communication, and in Philosophy. Specializing in Multimedia, she’s work in the field of Graphic design for the last 8 years, and began her exploration in Design early in her teens working with Hot off the Press, in Jamaica. She is currently a freelance Design and Communication Consultant working with several projects, including, InfoTech Jamaica, and doing Public Relations for several non-profit initiative.

She teaches Communication Studies at St. Andrew High School for girls. Ms. Long is currently a MPhil/PhD student at the University of the West Indies, where she is actively writing, and presenting.Peta-Ann Long is a graduate of the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication. 

Courses Taught

Communication Studies BOOTCAMP

This short teen summer course in communication studies is to aid teens/young adults to bridge the gap between English and Effective Communication. Moving from CXC English to Writing for different disciplines is a drastic change. At the University level, students are expected to conduct research, and evaluation in a short time, while producing accurate information. This course is designed to teach students how to handle vast amount of information, and present it in both writing and oral forms.


iDesign: A design workshop for teens

This short teen summer course is an introduction to the professional field of graphic design. iDesign: A graphic design workshop for teen will provide insight into digital imagery and illustration. Teens will be able to create pictures, flyers, covers and other designs, using the professional programs Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.