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Paula-Anne Porter Jones

A graduate of CARIMAC, Paula-Anne Porter Jones is a lecturer/tutor in communications-related courses at several institutions. The UWI, MTI, VTDI and UTech are just some of the institutions of learning with which she has been associated. Currently a broadcaster with RJR 94 FM, she has worked in radio and television presentation and production for radio and television for the past 15 years. Her experience spans local and international programming and presentation.

Courses Taught

Overcoming Nervousness

Get rid of those butterflies and develop the confidence you need to speak clearly and effectively.


Voicing Radio Commercials 1

This course will focus on teaching the student to use there voice and personality to bring a commercial alive.


Chat Bout: A Voice and Speech Workshop for Teens *new dates

This course seeks to equip participants (teens) with the knowledge and skills that can be useful for effective communication. It seeks to develop an understanding of speech and presentation, by examining and exploring the feature of speaking. Accordingly, the course will aid in pronunciation, enunciation, projection and gesturing. Setting the foundation for teens to assess themselves when speaking, reading and presenting.