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Mario Romans

Mario Romans is a brand strategist and marketer with over twelve years of broad, hands-on experience in all aspects of marketing.

He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Synergy Communications, a leading-edge brand marketing consultancy and knowledge management firm focused on creating and empowering world-class marketing for profitable business growth and brand leadership.

Mario is the Conceptualizer and Chair of the annual Marketing Excellence & Brand Leadership Seminar-- a premier learning event for top level marketing and brand
executives that has featured some of the world’s most notable experts in the field. Mario is also the creator and lead facilitator of the Best-Of-Class Brand Clinic, a value driven workshop series geared at addressing crucial day to day brand and growth issues.

Courses Taught

Applied Brand Management

A strong brand is a company’s most valuable asset and is the basis for building lasting stakeholder value and sustainable business growth. Yet, many organizations have not capitalized on the power of their brands and very little has been paid to the subject of brands and branding in advanced education in the Caribbean. This course presents an introduction to brands and their importance to business strategy and an organization long term profitability. It also provides an explanation of the main theories and concepts and explores techniques used in building and sustaining a strong brand.