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Gerrard McDaniel

Courses Taught

Designing a Communication Plan

How many times have you heard team members bemoaning the lack of proper communication in the organisation? Effective communication requires careful planning and implementation. Many organisations substitute checklists of "cute" or creative tactics and ideas for the rigours of strategically crafted roadmaps. The design of a comprehensive communication plan calls for, inter alia, a full grasp of the task environment, the identification of key audiences and their information needs, and how to adapt core messages appropriately for each one. In 30 contact hours we will guide you through the critical steps and support the learning with actual examples from successful and award-winning projects. The course is designed to be practical and immediately applicable to the work environment.


Organisational Communication

Organisational Communication is a relatively new and rapidly growing discipline. It seeks to describe, interpret and analyze the roles of the communication function in achieving the goals and objectives of an organization. At its most useful, it prescribes solutions for organisational growth and development. In this particular course, students are introduced to the processes and practices of business communications at both the organisational and individual levels. The course analyses foundation concepts of communication, and discusses how these principles are applied to various types of organisations nationally, regionally and globally. This encapsulated version of the course focuses on the development of the skills of conducting communication audits grounded in sound theory and global best practices.