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Event Planning (BASIC)

This course provides a practical introduction to events planning, and outlines the steps that are necessary for executing successful events. It is suitable for event planners (both practicing and aspiring), public relations practitioners and other persons who are or may be involved in this activity. The course will stress the importance of adopting a systematic approach to event planning and management by identifying the various tasks and activities that must be accomplished to achieve success. Topics include management; categories and types of special events; goal and objective setting; the phases of events planning including concept, situation analysis (feasibility), analysis and planning, strategy, implementation including publicity and promotion, budgeting, evaluation; corporate event planning; entertainment; site selection and inspection; food and beverage management, sponsorship, negotiations and contracts. Participants will be required to plan an event as well as complete project management forms and time sheets. They will also be provided with a comprehensive handout at the end of the course.

Next Scheduled Date

June 04, 2019
July 04, 2019

Schedule and General Information

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Tuesdays and Thursdays


6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

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Course Cost

206.00 26,400.00


Working in entertainment, I'm able to understand the pre-production work.

-Lauren Dunn